Welcome to your worst nightmare

pooh and pooh and jammi(tigger) and isabela(domo) and poohbear cussin and steve hooker and wimps and star wars and spiderman and cowpokes and tranzformers and zelda and idiots and he man ooo i like that and iron man and bokoogon and zelda and things i like and cowpokes and steve hooker and ninjas all living im the twilight zone(otherwise known as the pooh zone).

pooh and pooh dameworthEdit

we are freaks from planet tigger boop. i repeat we r freaks, brb... oh sorry i was hungry so i made a cookie. we like pants, not really, we don't wear the stuff. IT"S A LIE!! IT'S ALL A LIE!!!! as u can tell were really weird. yo pooh, wat u doin? r u messing with the wiki again!? oh just wait till i get my stubby paws on u!!!!! IIIIIIIIEEEEEHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! uh, that's all. ack!! he's cho.. chocking... pooh, where'd u hide domo?

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